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What is Amanbo Wallet and how to use it?

What is Amanbo Wallet?

Amanbo Wallet is one of the way to complete the online payment.

Offline recharge and online use greatly improving the efficiency of the order, meanwhile you can query all transactions records.


How to set wallet password?


1,Login your account;

2,Enter Partner - Assets - Set wallet password webpage, fill in your own Password and verification code that received from phone or email;

3,Click submit.

Friendly tips

1, please take good care of your own password, do not disclose to others;

2, please set up a complex password that it’s easy for you to remember.

How to see transactions record :


1,Login your account;

2,Enter Partner - Assets-Manage my wallet webpage, enter the time when you placed the order, then you can see all the wallet transactions records during this period.

How to recharge my wallet :


1,Login your account;

2,Enter Partner - Assets-Manage My Wallet - Recharge My Wallet webpage, fill in the form to find the Amanbo Finance Partner Service Station that close to you;

1. Please go to Amanbo Finance Partner Service Station to recharge.
2. Customer every time can recharge the maximum amount is KSh 50,000.
3. The maximum amount of per Non-AFP customer account is KSh 500,000.
4. The maximum amount of per AFP customer account is unlimited.

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