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Wooden Mini Small Embroidery Stretch Jewelry Cross Stitch Fixed Frame Round Oval Photo Frame Clothing Jewelry DIY
Shipped from overseas, By Air: 10-15 days;By Ship :30-40 days.

Shipped from overseas, By Air: 10-15 days;By Ship :30-40 days.

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    Freight is not included in product price. Please set order and ask the seller to modify freight in your order. You may also contact the seller to get the exact freight in advance.
  • Color:

    2.5cm round
    3cm round
    4cm round
    5cm round
    6*3 oval vertical
    6*3 Oval horizontal
    4.6*2.3 oval vertical section
    4.6*2.3 Oval horizontal style
    Side length 3.5cm triangle
    Side length 2cm hexagon
    3*3cm square
    5*3cm rectangular
    4.5cm kitten
    4.5cm bear
    4.5cm Bunny
    4cm heart
    A bronze chain 76cm long
    Golden bead chain a 50cm long
    Diameter 2mm wax rope 80cm long
    Large bear 9.9*9.3cm
    Large Cat 9.2*8.9cm
    Large rabbit 12.6*9.6cm
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Model :
Material : Pine,Handmade,008,Pendant,Home Furnishing,No,2.5cm round,3cm round,4cm round,5cm round,6*3 oval vertical,6*3 Oval horizontal,4.6*2.3 oval vertical section,4.6*2.3 Oval horizontal style,Side length 3.5cm triangle,Side length 2cm hexagon,3*3cm square,5*3cm rectangular,4.5cm kitten,4.5cm bear,4.5cm Bunny,4cm heart,A bronze chain 76cm long,Golden bead chain a 50cm long,Diameter 2mm wax rope 80cm long,Large bear 9.9*9.3cm,Large Cat 9.2*8.9cm,Large rabbit 12.6*9.6cm,Wedding,Birthday,Full Moon,Tourism Memorial,Graduation,Housewarming,Party Party,Visiting Condolences,The younger generation,Couple,Couple,Colleagues,Friend,Elder,Child,Classmate,Teacher,Other,Yes, personal gifts,No,Modern Art,Wood
  • Handcrafted Wooden Design:This mini embroidery frame is made from high-quality wood, showcasing exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail.
  • Versatile Usage:Perfect for DIY projects, cross-stitching, garment decoration, and more. It adds a personal touch to any item it's attached to.
  • Gift-worthy Item:Ideal for gifting in various scenarios such as house visits, parties, tours, and more. It carries a thoughtful message and makes a lasting impression.
  • Round and Elliptical Shapes:Available in round and elliptical shapes, this frame can adapt to different aesthetic preferences and creative needs.
  • Lightweight and Portable:Its lightweight design makes it easy to carry around, perfect for travel souvenirs and memorable keepsakes.
  • Durable Material:The durable wood material ensures the longevity of the frame, making it a long-lasting memento that can withstand the test of time.
Shipped from overseas, By Air: 10-15 days;By Ship :30-40 days.

Shipped from overseas, By Air: 10-15 days;By Ship :30-40 days.

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