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Spot Hard Card Cover Transparent PVC Plastic Star Card Hard Rubber Cover Magnetic Chest Card Card Card Cover Photo Frame Customization
Shipped from overseas, By Air: 10-15 days;By Ship :30-40 days.

Shipped from overseas, By Air: 10-15 days;By Ship :30-40 days.

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  • Logistics:

    Freight is not included in product price. Please set order and ask the seller to modify freight in your order. You may also contact the seller to get the exact freight in advance.
  • Specifications:

    Integrated buckle❣(color please contact customer service or the default blue)⭐⭐
    white spring rope⭐⭐
    A1-horizontal -35 silk genuine❣(without inner core)⭐⭐
    A2-horizontal -35 silk genuine❣(without inner core)⭐⭐
    Small A3-horizontal -30 silk❣(without inner core)⭐⭐
    Small A3-horizontal -35 silk genuine❣(without inner core)⭐⭐
    Large A3-horizontal -30 silk❣(without heart)⭐⭐⭐⭐
    Large A3-horizontal -35 silk❣(without heart)⭐⭐
    Large A3-vertical -30 silk❣(without inner-heart)⭐⭐
    Large A3-Vertical -35-Silk❣(Without Inner-Heart)⭐⭐
    large A3-35 wire❣(Hit semicircle) horizontal plate⭐⭐
    large A3-35 wire❣(playing semicircle) vertical version⭐⭐
    Large A3-35 wire (double round) horizontal plate⭐⭐
    Large A3-35 wire (double round) vertical version⭐⭐
    A4-horizontal -30 silk❣(without heart)⭐⭐
    A4-vertical -30 silk❣(without heart)⭐⭐
    A4-horizontal -35 silk (without inner)⭐⭐
    A4-vertical -35 silk (without heart)⭐⭐
    A4-horizontal -35 silk❣(playing semicircle)⭐⭐
    A4-vertical -35 silk❣(playing semicircle)⭐⭐
    A4-horizontal -35 silk (double round)⭐⭐
    A4-vertical -35 silk (double round)⭐⭐
    A4-horizontal-genuine new material❣(35 silk)⭐⭐
    A4-Vertical-Authentic New Material❣(35 silk)⭐⭐
    A5-30 wire-horizontal (without heart)⭐⭐
    A5-35 silk-horizontal version (without heart)⭐⭐
    A5-35 wire-vertical❣(without heart)⭐⭐
    A5-35 wire-horizontal semicircle⭐⭐
    A5-35 wire-vertical semicircle⭐⭐
    A6-vertical -35 silk-belt-hole (without inner)⭐⭐
    A6-vertical -35 silk-semicircle⭐⭐
    A6-30 wire-horizontal❣(without heart)
    A6-35 wire-horizontal (not inside)⭐⭐
    A6-35 wire-vertical version (without holes)⭐⭐
    A7-vertical -35 silk genuine❣(excluding-inner core)⭐⭐
    A7-35 wire-horizontal❣(without-inside)⭐⭐
    B1-vertical -35 wire positive-product (excluding inner core)⭐⭐
    B2-vertical 35 silk genuine❣(without inner core)⭐⭐
    B3-vertical -35 silk genuine (excluding inner core)⭐⭐
    B4-Vertical -30-Silk❣(without inner core)⭐⭐
    B4-vertical 35 silk genuine❣(without inner core)⭐⭐
    Large B4-35 wire-horizontal (without heart)⭐⭐
    Big B4 -30 silk-horizontal (without inner)⭐⭐
    B5-35 wire-horizontal❣(without-inside)⭐⭐⭐⭐
    B6-35 silk horizontal plate❣(without heart)⭐⭐
    B7-vertical -35 silk-genuine (without core)⭐⭐
    B7-35 wire-horizontal (without heart)⭐⭐
    B8-35 wire -91*64MM horizontal-put❣(blue light)⭐⭐
    B8-35 wire 91*64MM-horizontal❣(white light)⭐⭐
    B8-35 wire -97*69MM vertical (white)⭐⭐
    B8-35 wire -91*64MM horizontal (with film white)⭐⭐
    B8-35 wire -97*69MM vertical-put❣(white light with film)⭐⭐
    B8-35 wire horizontal (blue light) drilling⭐⭐
    B8-35 wire-horizontal (white light) drilling⭐⭐
    B8-35 wire vertical (white light) perforation⭐⭐
    B8-35 silk-cross pink with film⭐⭐
    A4 Blue❣(Strong magnetic) horizontal⭐⭐
    A4 red (strong magnetic) horizontal⭐⭐
    A4 light green (strong-magnetic) horizontal⭐⭐
    A4 yellow❣(Strong magnetic) horizontal⭐⭐
    A4 white❣(Strong magnetic) horizontal⭐⭐
    A4 orange (strong magnetic) horizontal⭐⭐
    A4 gray (strong-magnetic) horizontal⭐⭐
    A4 Black❣(Strong magnetic) horizontal⭐⭐
    A4 dark green❣(Strong magnetic) horizontal⭐⭐
    A4 blue (strong magnetic) vertical⭐⭐
    A4 blue (blank) horizontal⭐⭐
    A4 Blue❣(N times adhesive) horizontal⭐⭐
    A3 Blue❣(Strong magnetic) horizontal⭐⭐
    A3 red (strong magnetic) horizontal⭐⭐
    A3 grass green (strong magnetic) horizontal⭐⭐
    A3 yellow❣(Strong magnetic) horizontal⭐⭐
    A3 white❣(Strong magnetic) horizontal⭐⭐
    A3 orange (strong magnetic) horizontal⭐⭐
    A3 gray (strong magnetic) horizontal⭐⭐
    A3 Black❣(Strong magnetic) horizontal⭐⭐
    A3 dark green❣(Strong magnetic) horizontal⭐⭐
    A5 blue (strong magnetic) horizontal⭐⭐
    A5 red (strong magnetic) horizontal⭐⭐
    A5 Orange❣(Strong magnetic) horizontal⭐⭐
    A5 dark green❣(Strong magnetic) horizontal⭐⭐
    A5 white (strong magnetic) horizontal⭐⭐
    A5 yellow (strong magnetic) horizontal⭐⭐
    A6 Blue❣(Strong magnetic) horizontal⭐⭐
    A6 Orange❣(Strong magnetic) horizontal⭐⭐
    A6 dark green (strong magnetic) horizontal⭐⭐
    A6 white (strong magnetic) horizontal⭐⭐
    A6 Red❣(Strong magnetic) horizontal⭐⭐
    A6-Yellow❣(Strong magnetic) horizontal⭐⭐
    A4-blue (hollow) (strong magnetic) horizontal⭐⭐
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Model :
Specifications : Small A3-horizontal -35 silk genuine❣(without inner core)⭐⭐,Large A3-horizontal -30 silk❣(without heart)⭐⭐⭐⭐,Large A3-horizontal -35 silk❣(without heart)⭐⭐,Large A3-vertical -30 silk❣(without inner-heart)⭐⭐,Large A3-Vertical -35-Silk❣(Without Inner-Heart)⭐⭐,large A3-35 wire❣(Hit semicircle) horizontal plate⭐⭐,large A3-35 wire❣(half circle) vertical version⭐⭐,Large A3-35 wire (double round) horizontal plate⭐⭐,Large A3-35 wire (double round) vertical version⭐⭐,A4-horizontal -30 silk❣(without heart)⭐⭐,A4-vertical -30 silk❣(without heart)⭐⭐,A4-horizontal -35 silk (without inner)⭐⭐,A4-vertical -35 silk (without heart)⭐⭐,A4-horizontal -35 silk❣(playing semicircle)⭐⭐,A4-vertical -35 silk❣(playing semicircle)⭐⭐,A4-horizontal -35 silk (double round)⭐⭐,A4-vertical -35 silk (double round)⭐⭐,A4-horizontal-genuine new material❣(35 silk)⭐⭐,A4-Vertical-Authentic New Material❣(35 silk)⭐⭐,A5-30 wire-horizontal (without heart)⭐⭐,A5-35 silk-horizontal version (without heart)⭐⭐,A5-35 wire-vertical❣(without heart)⭐⭐,A5-35 wire-horizontal semicircle⭐⭐,A5-35 wire-vertical semicircle⭐⭐,A6-vertical -35 silk-belt-hole (without inner)⭐⭐,A6-vertical -35 silk-semicircle⭐⭐,A6-30 wire-horizontal❣(without heart),A6-35 wire-horizontal (not inside)⭐⭐,A6-35 wire-vertical version (without holes)⭐⭐,A7-vertical -35 silk genuine❣(excluding-inner core)⭐⭐,A7-35 wire-horizontal❣(without-inside)⭐⭐,B1-vertical -35 wire positive-product (excluding inner core)⭐⭐,B2-vertical 35 silk genuine❣(without inner core)⭐⭐,B3-vertical -35 silk genuine (excluding inner core)⭐⭐,B4-Vertical -30-Silk❣(without inner core)⭐⭐,B4-vertical 35 silk genuine❣(without inner core)⭐⭐,Large B4-35 wire-horizontal (without heart)⭐⭐,Big B4 -30 silk-horizontal (without inner)⭐⭐,B5-35 wire-horizontal❣(without-inside)⭐⭐⭐⭐,B6-35 silk horizontal plate❣(without heart)⭐⭐,B7-vertical -35 silk-genuine (without core)⭐⭐,B7-35 wire-horizontal (without heart)⭐⭐,B8-35 wire -91*64MM horizontal-put❣(blue light)⭐⭐,B8-35 wire 91*64MM-horizontal❣(white light)⭐⭐,B8-35 wire -97*69MM vertical (white)⭐⭐,B8-35 wire -91*64MM horizontal (with film white)⭐⭐,B8-35 wire -97*69MM vertical-put❣(with film white light)⭐⭐,B8-35 wire horizontal (blue light) drilling⭐⭐,B8-35 wire-horizontal (white light) drilling⭐⭐,B8-35 wire vertical (white light) perforation⭐⭐,B8-35 silk-cross pink with film⭐⭐,A4 Blue❣(Strong magnetic) horizontal⭐⭐,A4 red (strong magnetic) horizontal⭐⭐,A4 light green (strong-magnetic) horizontal⭐⭐,A4 yellow❣(Strong magnetic) horizontal⭐⭐,A4 white❣(Strong magnetic) horizontal⭐⭐,A4 orange (strong magnetic) horizontal⭐⭐,A4 gray (strong-magnetic) horizontal⭐⭐,A4 Black❣(Strong magnetic) horizontal⭐⭐,A4 dark green❣(Strong magnetic) horizontal⭐⭐,A4 blue (strong magnetic) vertical⭐⭐,A4 blue (blank) horizontal⭐⭐,A4 Blue❣(N times adhesive) horizontal⭐⭐,A3 Blue❣(Strong magnetic) horizontal⭐⭐,A3 red (strong magnetic) horizontal⭐⭐,A3 grass green (strong magnetic) horizontal⭐⭐,A3 yellow❣(Strong magnetic) horizontal⭐⭐,A3 white❣(Strong magnetic) horizontal⭐⭐,A3 orange (strong magnetic) horizontal⭐⭐,A3 gray (strong magnetic) horizontal⭐⭐,A3 Black❣(Strong magnetic) horizontal⭐⭐,A3 dark green❣(Strong magnetic) horizontal⭐⭐,A5 blue (strong magnetic) horizontal⭐⭐,A5 red (strong magnetic) horizontal⭐⭐,A5 Orange❣(Strong magnetic) horizontal⭐⭐,A5 dark green❣(Strong magnetic) horizontal⭐⭐,A5 white (strong magnetic) horizontal⭐⭐,A5 yellow (strong magnetic) horizontal⭐⭐,A6 Blue❣(Strong magnetic) horizontal⭐⭐,A6 Orange❣(Strong magnetic) horizontal⭐⭐,A6 dark green (strong magnetic) horizontal⭐⭐,A6 white (strong magnetic) horizontal⭐⭐,A6 Red❣(Strong magnetic) horizontal⭐⭐,A6-Yellow❣(Strong magnetic) horizontal⭐⭐,A4-blue (hollow) (strong magnetic) horizontal⭐⭐,AliExpress,Yes,Yes,Modern simplicity,General,Europe,A1 ~ A7,B1 ~ B8 size can be customized,Bachelor,B8 Main Link,Plastic,Card Sleeve,Work permit, exhibition card, document bag, business license, copy, card bag, hard card cover, badge, student ID card,Integrated buckle❣(color please contact customer service or the default blue)⭐⭐,white spring rope⭐⭐,A1-horizontal -35 silk genuine❣(without inner core)⭐⭐,A2-horizontal -35 silk genuine❣(without inner core)⭐⭐,Small A3-horizontal -30 silk❣(without inner core)⭐⭐
  • Transparent PVC Material:Crafted from high-quality transparent PVC, this ID holder offers a sleek and modern look while ensuring durability and longevity.
  • Magnetic Chest Card Holder:The magnetic chest card holder feature enhances convenience and easy access to your ID cards, saving you time and effort.
  • Hard Plastic Construction:The hard plastic construction of this ID holder provides superior protection for your ID cards, preventing any damage or wear and tear.
  • Compact Size:Its compact size makes it easy to carry around, fitting perfectly in any bag or pocket, making it an ideal accessory for everyday use.
  • Durable Strap:The durable strap ensures the ID holder stays secure and in place, providing you with peace of mind knowing your ID cards are safe and secure.
Shipped from overseas, By Air: 10-15 days;By Ship :30-40 days.

Shipped from overseas, By Air: 10-15 days;By Ship :30-40 days.

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