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Eurochef EG55-4G+E OVEN Free Stand Glass Top Cooker,rotisserie Silver, 60L
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Model : EG55-4G+E

Product details

Eurochef offers affordable‎,‎ quality‎,‎ energy‎-efficient home appliances‎.‎ The brand is well known for their high‎-quality‎,‎ top of the range products.


EUROCHEF 4 Gas Burner Free Standing Gas Cooker with Eletric Oven(EG55-4G+E) A cost-effective cooking solution that has an oven and grill in one unit. The cooker uses 4 gas on top and Double UP and DOWN heating tube in oven, you can control the cooking temperatures for delicious meals. The cooker is High Performance Cost Ration compare with other Kenya brand.

After Compared to market and advantage of EG55-4G+E

  1. 4 Gas Burner with Aluminium Base

  2. Double(UP 1000W and DOWN 1500W) heating tube in oven

  3. Rotisserie fork

  4. Tempered Glass top lid

  5. Double Glass Oven Door

  6. 60L large oven capacity

Other Benefits

  • Long-lasting 8mm durable body steel

  • High performance price ration

  • Cooking is quicker

  • 360° hot air circulation

  • Reduced cooking times

  • Smooth non-stick material Rinse and wipe clean easily


It is a technology company delivers superior products that are designed with your family’s needs in mind. The company is committed to making your life happier by providing the tools you need to live happily.

Superior products

The company understands that the needs and preferences change over time and for that reason we invests in innovations to create new products that will deliver the utmost value to your daily life. Eurochef products offer a whole new way to enjoy life.

Exemplary service

The company has an in-house customer success team that is dedicated to ensuring that the products are adding the most value to the customers. Eurochef is here to empower the lives of families in the best way possible.


The products come with a one-year warranty.

Great and Affordable Prices

Eurochef offers quality products at the best prices. Get unbeatable deals with our appliances

Guide on Installation and Use

Eurochef products come with guides on how to install and use.


EUROCHEF 4 Gas Burner Free Standing Gas Cooker with Eletric Oven(EG55-4G+E) Features and Specifications

  • 4 Gas Burner with Aluminium Base

  • Electric oven with Double(UP and DOWN) heating tube

  • Stainless Steel worktop

  • Electric Grill

  • Rotisserie fork

  • Auto-Ignition

  • Tempered Glass top lid

  • 1xTray & 1xGrid

  • Double Glass Oven Door

  • 60L for oven capacity

  • 1 Year Warranty


1x EG55-4G+E body1x User Manual1x Warranty Card1x Rotisserie Fork1x Tray & 1x Grid1x Tempered Glass of top lid



  • Model: EG55-4G+E

  • Size (L x W x H cm): 85.5x58.5x54.5

  • Weight (kg): 28

  • Main Material: stainless steel and glass

  • Care Label: warranty & service: 1 years on product against manufacturing defects


Shipped by local seller, takes 1-5 workdays.

Shipped by local seller, takes 1-5 workdays.

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