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BR-938 hair dryer
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Fulfilled by local sellers. The average delivery time is 3~5 workdays

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Model : BR-938
Fold Handle : Unfoldable Handle Function : Cold & Warm Wind Overheating Protection : Yes

Product name: BR938 hair dryer

Rated voltage: 220v-240v

Rated power: 1800W

Rated frequency: 50-60Hz

Colour: Black

Precautions for use of hair dryer

1. Before use, carefully check whether the power cord is damaged, whether the air outlet of the hair dryer is blocked by foreign matters, whether the internal components are loose, and whether the power socket is normal.

2. When using, turn on the switch first and then turn on the power supply, which may cause the voltage of the hair dryer to rise instantaneously. Therefore, reverse the operation to avoid this situation

3. If it is not used in the midway, it is better to turn off the switch of the hair dryer to avoid burning out due to sudden temperature rise. If it is only suspended for a short time, do not close it

4. The hair dryer should be handled with care. Do not shift gears frequently or open and close it at will to avoid unnecessary damage

5. During use, if the surface temperature of the hair dryer is too high and there is noise, the hair dryer should be suspended for inspection and repair, because the problem may be caused by motor failure.

6. After each use, it is better to wipe the surface with a clean cloth, then put it in a box and store it in a ventilated and dry place. If it is stored for a long time, it should be used again after moisture removal.

7. It is better not to put the hair dryer in the bathroom for a long time, because the bathroom is damp, which is easy to make the hair dryer damp and rust. In addition, the hair dryer should be checked regularly. If there is little bearing oil, it should be added appropriately.

Shipped by local seller, takes 1-5 workdays.

Shipped by local seller, takes 1-5 workdays.

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